Potency pills - 2017 ranking

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Eron Plus

Eron Plus are the best potency pills currently available on the market ,and have no equal. The capsules for erectile dysfunction were found to be most effective in tests and awarded first place in the most important rankings.

Both experts and customers – thousands of men who have problems in bed – recommend Eron Plus as a safe and effective way to regain potency. If you want shame and embarrassment in the bedroom to be a thing of the past, choose Eron Plus.

The high degree of effectiveness and excellent feedback for Eron Plus does not come from nowhere, there is a specific reason. It is mainly die to the composition. After years of working on the creation of an effective and fully safe remedy for potency, pills of a unique composition were developed. And only using natural ingredients. With Eron Plus, sexual performance can be strengthened and rebuilt in a natural way. There is not better way! [Click and learn more]

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Erekton Fast

Erekton Fast is a supplement designed for men who want to enhance their body’s spontaneous reactions and sexual performance. The pill’s aim to remove the causes of problems in bed, but does taking Erekton Fast really achieve this?

Unfortunately, the opinions on the effects of this supplement are not encouraging enough to try these pills. The dominant opinions are ones of disappointment and moderate positivity. Attention is most often drawn to its relatively unsophisticated composition (L-arginine as well as L-citrulline, Korean ginseng, black pepper extract Bioperine®, pantothenic acid, zinc and selenium) and the high price to performance ratio.

The necessity of taking up to 4 pills before intercourse significantly impedes the use of this supplement. The more so as the producer recommends taking Erekton Fast 45 minutes before intercourse. The advantages mentioned for this supplement are too few to offset the disadvantages. The supplement does not work for everyone and it brings the desired effect, it is only temporarily.

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Liderin is a little-known pill that aims to assist male performance. Unfortunately, when put up against real expectations it falls by the wayside. It can only help with small problems. When the need is greater, Liderin is not up to the job.

Why were these pills only in third place in this ranking? Primarily, it was decided by the disappointing opinions about them, and the sincere opinions of men who have tried them and who would not recommend them. This is, unfortunately, not everything.

Also important is the composition of the pills, which is very poor. The producer decided to include only two active ingredients: L-arginine and an extract from the bark of maritime pine. Very little and very weak.

The method of application is also not very encouraging. The pills should be taken one hour before intercourse. Just as the second-placed product in the raking, Liderin does not even try to solve the problems of erectile dysfunction. That’s a pity.

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Permen King

A very well-known product that is widely promoted in the media. It is associated with effectiveness and speed of action. But is it really worth the attention?

Unfortunately, after being attracted by the advertising and buying the product, it only offers... relaxation and a slight improvement in mood. This is definitely not enough. Unfortunately, Permen King does not act on the problem that the people who use it have most on their mind. It does not cope at all with erectile dysfunction.

The composition of the product is also far from impressive, which is simple and not very encouraging. Permen King has only three active ingredients: L-arginine, ginseng and tribulus terrestris. The pills are recommended to be taken with food, not just before sex, which makes it slightly more convenient to use than can be expected in the case of the above two proposals. However, the convenience of use is not enough to recommend these pills.


Potency pills really work! Here are the best active ingredients for erectile dysfunction

Sexual function is as important as physical fitness. In a sense, they are even related.

The ability to achieve a full erection and perform sex satisfactorily not only allows a child to be conceived, but is above all an expression of love and intimacy. Therefore, when problems arise in bed, the worst idea is to give up on sex.

Today, you don’t have to worry about visiting a doctor, embarrassing tests, or a series of intimate questions... Thanks to modern solutions, you can now cope with erectile dysfunction at home. The key to success is to choose a good potency pill.

Who are potency pills for?

No erection, a weak erection or a vanishing erection create shame and an atmosphere between lovers that they would not want to repeat. The good news is that these problems can be resolved and comprehensive support can be obtained through using the power of natural active ingredients. Potency can be strong in a natural way!

How to choose the best potency pills? Natural ways to deal with erection problems:

Plant extracts combined in the proper configuration, in optimal concentrations can produce:

- strong erections,

- a harder and bigger penis,

- greater stamina,

- more intense orgasms,

- greater libido,

- more frequent and more satisfying sex.

What to take for potency?

The rich literature on the effects of herbs and plant extracts has lead to the creation of the product: Eron Plus, which naturally and safely removes erection problems.


First, it uses L-arginine, which helps improve men's sexual responses. A study carried out on a thousand men showed that L-arginine, as no other substance, helps to remove the causes of erectile dysfunction. Secondly, the exotic maca root makes erections stronger and last longer. The effects of maca root were confirmed in a study published in the magazine CHS Neuroscience & Therapeutics in 2008 and in the magazine Andrology in 2009. Thirdly, fenugreek adds energy and increases libido. These are the most important ingredients. There are others that allow inner balance to be regained and that improve sexual responses.

Where to buy the best potency pills?

Eron Plus are pills whose effectiveness is based on the above-mentioned natural extracts. Their composition is 100% safe. They act quickly and immediately deal with the problems of obtaining a full erection and being ready for sexual intercourse.

The high effectiveness of Eron Plus is also due to its dual formula that acts on men's sexual response not only temporarily, but day by day removes the problem of not being ready for sex. This fact distinguishes the pills from other products, most of which should be consumed just before intercourse.

All this makes Eron Plus, which consists of two packages of products, are currently the most effective pills for erectile dysfunction. They are highly effective, act quickly and do not have side effects.

Eron Plus is available directly from the producer’s website – HERE – at the best price.


Erectile dysfunction is not a subject that men want to talk about. Men have a problem admitting that they have erection problems. I know something about this. I was ashamed; I denied it; I thought that the problem would resolve itself ... It didn’t happen of course, each time it got worse until I came to the conclusion that I had had enough and that I had to do something about it. That’s how I came across Eron Plus. These pills saved my life, saved my relationship and reawakened my faith and confidence.



Men my age tend to have problems in bed. Therefore, when it happened to me I wasn’t surprised, rather I was... angry, really annoyed because I deluded myself that maybe I could avoid this kind of problem. Fortunately, I was aware what I needed to do. I opted for a natural solution, which I recommend to everyone. Eron Plus is my way of achieving stronger erections and longer sex. I tried many methods, but Eron Plus proved to be the best! I recommend it!