Penigra – opinions, effects, composition. What’s the best for potency?

Looking for a golden mean to improve sexual activity, I decided to widely promoted Penigra. I heard interesting opinions about this product, so I decided to try it myself. With a big heart and hopes I bought the first package and started to use it according to the recommendations.

Operation of the Penigra

One pack of tablets cost me €13 and I found 60 capsules in it. As you can see, a large supply. Satisfied with such a good transaction, I started taking the product regularly and waited for the results.

Penigra works with products contained in its composition, which are great aphrodisiacs, adding energy and increasing libido. Stimulating vitality, Penigra allows you to feel the energy again in the whole body, and thus increases the willingness to have sex. Sounds attractive, right?

Composition Penigra

Penigra is, unlike many other potency products, an agent based on natural ingredients. We can find there, among others:

  • Chinese lemon
  • Muira puama extract
  • guarantee
  • extract from Saw Palmetto

I don’t know exactly how each of these substances works, but I’ve read that they are natural aphrodisiacs, stimulants and products that help to produce testosterone. It seemed interesting, so I was hoping for good results.

While waiting for them, I read opinions on the forum about Penigra, which said that this is a measure whose action can be seen, but only after a week or two, and it is quite weak on top of that. One of the users wrote that it is much better to opt for Testolan, which helps to increase libido and improves testosterone production, and in addition does not show any side effects. My doctor once told me that men’s potency problems are usually due to impaired hormone production, so I thought that maybe these pills would be the answer to my problems. On the manufacturer’s website I bought the first package with a monthly supply for 65 €. Let’s hope it was a good choice.


Improve your masculinity – choose Testolan for potency

I applied the first treatment Testolanu and I am delighted. I have never seen a supplement that works so fast and in so many ways. As it turned out, Testolan is not only a great product for potency, but also an excellent nutrient, adding energy, useful in active fish life. The natural ingredients contained in the product help to reduce body fat and increase the efficiency of training. So it is worth to reach for Testolan not only when masculinity fails, but also when we hope for better results of our efforts at the gym. By the way, I started to practice myself and I can already see the results. My girlfriend is raised to heaven and I welcome every day with joy.

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You are probably wondering what substances are contained in Testolanu when it works so well? Well, there are no chemicals in it, it is all nature itself. One tablet of the product contains:

  • fenugreek
  • mace
  • D-aspartic acid
  • matzo
  • Korean ginseng
  • pomegranate seeds
  • magnesium
  • black pepper
  • vitamin E

Athletes will certainly recognize all of these ingredients, as they are also found in many dietary supplements for athletes. What is more, Testolan can also be used for this purpose, as I wrote before.

Probably it was actually my problem with the lowered level of Testosterone. Fortunately, since I use Testolan the problem disappeared. Not only do I have a lot of energy to spend time with my girlfriend, but also for other activities. The partner said that she didn’t recognize me, because suddenly after work, instead of sitting in front of the TV, I take her for a walk or fly to the gym. I encourage you to try Testolanu, and like me, you will feel a decade younger!


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